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Coditek is a trademark and property of the company Tech Plaza, Lda. Coditek was founded in 2005 when the e-commerce was blooming in Portugal. Specialized in selling high tech products in particular telecommunication items, pc parts, consumer electronics and communication devices, Coditek is a brand which began to lead the top e-commerce websites in Portugal.
Committed in offering the best shopping experience as well as the best customer service, Coditek is always a step ahead when it comes to offer the latest items available in the market. We are proud to have always beforehand the latest releases as well as keeping in stock the items which are rarely seen in the market, thus providing the customer the alternative website he has been searching for when it comes to have either older or newer items.
The constant negotiation with top suppliers in Europe grants us access to those items and fair prices. All orders are always shipped by careful carriers which can deliver fast and your parcels intact.
We welcome you to try and see for yourself that Coditek is in fact one of the leading e-commerce shops in Europe.

Tech Plaza - Comércio e Serviços de Tecnologia, Lda.
Campo Grande nº 30 - 9ºB - 1700-093 Lisbon, Portugal
EU VAT Number PT507924320

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