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Food processor Bosch MUM58720 | 1000 Watt

Food processor Bosch MUM58720 | 1000 Watt

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Brand: Bosch

Part-Number: MUM58720

EAN: 4242002903880

SKU: P231125

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Information about Food processor Bosch MUM58720 | 1000 Watt

Food processors Bosch MUM58720 | 1000 Watt

A powerful deep red and silver robot brings versatility to our kitchen and pastry

A powerful kitchen robot for everyday cooking. It processes large quantities of food thanks to its robust 1000W motor.
The masses mix perfectly in the 3.9 liter stainless steel container, with a special internal design that facilitates the 3D planetary movement of its accessories.
A practical case allows you to store the accessories in the mixing bowl
Comfortable and easy to use with your EasyArmLift arm. Filling the mixing container is simple, thanks to the stopping position of all pastry accessories.
Very multifunctional thanks to the pastry set (blender rods, mixing rods and kneading hook) and accessory with three discs for grating, cutting and chopping.

When you want to quickly and comfortably process large amounts of dough, the 1,000-watt motor comes into play, as it offers maximum performance and allows for excellent results.

The advanced mechanism of planetary kneading allows powerful mixing movements in three dimensions, so that all the ingredients are fully incorporated and obtain perfect results at all times.

Maximum safety in any task and in all areas: covers for unused gears, safety locking system for mixing vessel, additional latch on accessories and many other functions for active safety.

The innovative Easy ArmLift mechanism provides more comfort. It is operated by pressing a button and helps lift the multifunction arm so you can place the accessories with extreme ease, speed and comfort.

Preselector of time No
Power indicator Yes
Position / Push button Turbo Si
Safety device Fuse against overload, safe against accidental start-up
Accessory cover No
Appliance dimensions (height, width, depth (not including the door)) (mm) 282 x 280 x 271 mm
Net weight (kg) 6.3 kg

Accessories included:
Kneader hook, blender rod and mixing rod.
Grater-cutter with three discs.
1.25 liter plastic jug.
Transparent splash cap, with filler neck.
Practical accessory cover to store the pastry set comfortably inside the mixing container
Interactive DVD with recipes
Multiple optional accessories.
Feet with suction cups for maximum stability.
All plastic parts in contact with food are free of BPA

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