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Kit Park Assist + display 632201 Valeo 4 sensors modelo 2018 parking

Kit Park Assist + display 632201 Valeo 4 sensors modelo 2018 parking

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Brand: Valeo

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Information about Kit Park Assist + display 632201 Valeo 4 sensors modelo 2018 parking

Valeo offers a wide range of assistance systems for driving and parking assistance. Valeo offers real added value when driving and parking, allowing drivers to make use of new features. This range allows any user to add as optional equipment, and regardless of the vehicle they own, a driving or parking assistance system, making the latest technology in driving and parking assistance on the market accessible to anyone.

This track deals with the problems drivers face day in and day out:
- Safety: reduces the risk of accidents thanks to warning systems
- Comfort: improves driving adaptation to the road, makes parking easier and increases driving pleasure
- Significant savings: reduces costly repairs by avoiding impacts


Beep & Park is a solution to everyday parking problems.

New BEEP & PARK™ range:

    Easy parking: the beep & park™ range is the perfect answer to your needs. The 3 parking assistance kits, with front or rear sensors, warn you of any obstacles while parking and guide the driver, indicating their distance, even if they are not visible.

visual alarm
-The distance of the obstacle and its precise position are shown on the control screen located above the rearview mirror or on the instrument panel.
-The distance to obstacles can be displayed in three warning colors: green, yellow and red
- It is indicated in meters or inches.

Parking assistance kit with 4 sensors with display.
LCD screen that indicates proximity or distance to obstacles, walls, cars, etc.
Speaker that warns about the proximity of obstacles.
Installation at the front or rear of the vehicle.
Perfect for driving in places like garages where visibility is limited.



New technology
- Sound identical to the one mounted on the first device
- Sensors can be mounted both front and rear.
- Upgrade your beeper and park, with an additional park vision kit to get a park view with sound (not included)
- Automatic trailer detection
- mute function for radio
- Band is compatible with reverse signal (by pulses)
- Includes assembly instructions in 9 languages
- Color wiring diagram is included in the instruction manual for a clear understanding of the moon

- 4 front or rear sensors
- Speaker 1 speaker (with adjustable volume)
- high quality sound
- different sound alerts forward and backward

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